Fundamental Learning

Our Mission:

We unlock unlimited potential within your child.

During our group tuition classes in Aldgate we provide academic support in the areas of literacy and numeracy skills in order to equip students with a strong academic foundation.


Our Philosophy

Your greatest asset is your mind. Literacy and numeracy skills are the basis of all academic study so whilst we provide academic support in those areas, we also use a combination of positive reinforcement, confidence-building techniques and requesting feedback to guide each student into becoming an independent learner.

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Evidence indicates that one to one tuition can be effective, delivering approximately five additional months’ progress on average.
— The Education Endowment Fund

Our Approach

As we build up your child's skills in The Fundamentals of all learning, the foundation is being laid for them to approach any academic task with self -confidence, self-belief and self-assurance.  



We are solution-orientated and seek to guide students to reach their fullest potential in academia and beyond. By following our programme, students are able to consolidate knowledge gaps, strengthen their application skills in their chosen pathway and gain academic confidence which will serve them in educational settings and beyond.


Beyond Tuition...

We are interested in each student's learning as part of their development as a functioning, healthy, human being. As such we will be hosting monthly events in Central London during which you, as the parent/guardian, can:

- hear from leading specialists

- receive practical information to better support your child's learning

- network with like-minded parents